Gallery3D Christmas Edition 2017

We celebrate Xmas this year with a special Christmas 2017 Edition of our Gallery3D application.

It can be downloaded from: https://www.rfsat.com/download/Gallery3D_Christmas2017.exe

For more information refer to: http://www.rfsat.com/index.php/en/results/3d-gallery.html

To all visitors to our portal we wish:

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018 !

Starting a new project: COST Action CA16226 ": Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly" (August 2017)

For more info refer to: http://www.rfsat.com/index.php/en/research/projects/cost-ca16226.html

 UgCS from SPH Engineering

SPH Engineering offers unmanned systems integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on selection of air-frames, autopilots, payloads for particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development. UgCS is a software for central management of all types and manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, enabling to control one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi operator mode and multi-platform environments. Ease of integration and adding support for new vehicles or payloads is achieved by modular architecture of UgCS. UgCS Educational Program supports both - drone operator training and research activities by providing ground station software for different UAV applications. UgCS is used in applications such as – search and rescue missions, environmental projects, terrain mapping, research of sensor applications and more!


As of 2017, the RFSAT has joined the UgCS Educational program in order to jointly develop solutions for autonomous multi-UAV (swarm) operations and targeting crisis situations, but applicable also to a wide range of mission critical operations. Initial developments will be demonstrated withing the ongoing FP7-SEC-AF3 and H2020-SEC-Reaching-Out projects.

3D-VR showcase of our R&D related to 3D modelling

Check our Gallery3D application showcasing some of our R&D results in 3D-VR environment.

For more information refer to: http://www.rfsat.com/index.php/en/results/3d-gallery.html

Installation file can be downloaded from: https://www.rfsat.com/download/Gallery3D_setup.exe


EC has announced the funding of the new project titled "Reaching-Out: Demonstration of EU effective large scale threat and crisis management outside the EU", coordinated by Airbus Defence and Space SAS (France). This project is funded under Horizon'2020 Framework Secure Societies topic DRS-03-2015 "Crisis management topic 3: Demonstration activity on large scale disasters and crisis management and resilience of EU external assets against major identified threats or causes of crisis". Project duration is 39 months, starting in 2016.

RFSAT will participate as a member of the "Supplier Platform" to demonstrate its micro-UAS based aerial day-night surveillance, environmental monitoring and 3D modelling of large areas resulting from its ongoing activities in the security domain bringing in also multi-modal user interfaces and mixed-reality technologies from its earlier FP7-ICT-StrokeBack project.


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