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Team "Ultimate" presents an exhibition

"The last human (Ο Τελευταίος Άθρωπος)"

7-10th of February 2015, Opening on the 7th of February at 19.00pm

Art Gallery Vryssaki: Vryssakiou 17, Plaka, Athens

Costumes, facilities, structures, videos and photos present the views of 13 new artists on the drama "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare and "Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett. The loneliness, isolation and wilderness operate allegoricaly, bringing forward important and timeless social issues that concern some of us and and some of us they do not.

The "Ultimate" group consists of young artists, third-year and fourth-year students of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Department of Theatre Studies, of the University of Peloponnese. They reach to you, wishing to share your thoughts, worries and concerns.


  • Ellie Apostolaki
  • Manto Pitsikali
  • Loretta Gkioni
  • Marina Reskou
  • Morgane Cornet
  • Maria-Irini Tzouramani
  • Theano Katsikis
  • Despina Chalkoroka
  • Evangelia Kloukina
  • Helen Chatzigianni
  • Eleanor Katsu
  • Costas Christodoulou
  • Flore Leclercq
  • Iole Georgopoulou

Production team:

  • Organization: Despina Chalkoroka
  • Contacts: Eleanor Katsu and Despina Chalkoroka
  • Poster/flyer: Maria-Irini Tzouramani
  • Photography: Amaryllis Zacahariadou
  • Coordination: Emmanouela Vogiatzaki-Krukowski
Special thanks to Theodore Tsouanato and Effie Metaxa.


  • Chrysa Kasai
  • Konstantinos Kyriakou
  • Maria Syrigou

Video:Mando Pitsikali

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