FP6-INNOVATION "Secure Force"

Fostering the participation of SME’s in ICT and Security Research Programs

Funding program: Sixth Framework Programme (FP6-INNOVATION)

Instrument: Specific Support Action (SSA)

Research area: Stepping up economic and technological intelligence

Time frame: 1st January 2006 to 28th February 2009 


The aim of SECURE-FORCE was to promote the involvement of SMEs / SMEs grouping in existing and new European R&D Projects in the field of security, through an innovative methodology based on awareness creation, knowledge sharing, support, training and match-making actions, involving the world leaders in the sector. The SECURE-FORCE ETI project addressed the global ICT security issues that represented more than 13 billion Euro in 2004. Specific attention were paid to the cyber crime and terrorism related issues (privacy and data protection and network and info security), hardware management, as well as to crisis management. SECURE-FORCE contributed to reducing the fragmentation of IST sectors, and particularly in the domain of security by creating synergies and interactions between research and innovation activities carried out at national, regional and European level.

The SECURE-FORCE project targetted active SMEs/SMEs groupings dealing with research issues in the mentioned sectors.The SECURE-FORCE consortium gathered 23 organisations coming from 14 different European countries: France, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany, Israel, UK (among them RFSAT), Austria , the Netherlands, Poland, and Cyprus. The final objective was to disseminate the project results to 3000 relevant SMEs (within 3 years) in at least 14 EU countries.

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