FP7-SA-2011 "DISCIPULUS" (288143)

Digitally Integrated Scientific Data for Patients and Populations in User-Specific Simulations

Objective: The DISCIPULUS aims at the grand challenge of the Digital VPH Patient. It is an avatar of the modells and individual data that allow health prediction and disease treatment when the Digital Me of a citizen needs to avail itself of health services. In essence, it constitutes a revolutionary Clinical Prediction and Decision Support System. To realise this vision, DISCIPULUS develops a sound ICT research and innovation roadmap, informed by consultation and engagement of diverse groups from modelllers and technology developers to end users, healthcare providers and regulators. The final goal is to deliver a single, universally useful, all-encompassing VPH-based avatar.

The five consortium partners, supported by global experts, assemble all the expertise needed to assure excellence of the final roadmap. DISCIPULUS lasts for 18 months, the minimum time span to fully engage the VPH community and the diverse stakeholders, and to deliver high quality results. A strong impact is anticipated on buttressing EU leadership in VPH research, industrial exploitation, quality and sustainability of future healthcare. 

Funded by: Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT)

Subprogramme Area: ICT-2011.5.2 "Virtual Physiological Human (c)" 

Contract type: Coordination & Support Actions - Supporting Action (CSA-SA)

Time frame: 2011-10-01 till 2013-03-31

Duration: 18 months

Project cost: 1611819 EURO

Project Funding: 1392999 EURO

URL: http://www.digital-patient.net (EUROPA)

Joined: 26th of November 2012 as an Expert organisation

Links: DISCIPULUS on "Biomed Town" portal

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