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COST Action CA15201 "ArkWork"

Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment

Funded: COST Program (COST Action CA15201)

Domain: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Time frame: 6th October 2016 - 5th December 2020

Joined: 16th August 2017 as the Management Committee (MC) Substitute for the United Kingdom


As nations and the EU are making considerable investments in technologies, infrastructures and standards for all aspects of working with archaeological knowledge, critical understanding of how this knowledge is produced and used remains fragmentary. This COST Action will overcome this fragmentation by forming a transdisciplinary network that brings together the knowledge from individual research projects, national initiatives and EU projects (e.g. CARARE, LoCloud, Europeana Cloud, ARIADNE, DARIAH) in the field of archaeological knowledge production and use. This Action is an acute priority and prerequisite for ensuring the expected benefits of the large-scale investments in the cultural heritage sector.

The better coordination of current fragmented efforts to study archaeological practices, knowledge production and use, social impact and industrial potential of archaeological knowledge will 1) strengthen and consolidate the current state of the art, as represented in leading research in the field, on the making and emergence of archaeological knowledge and its application for societal benefit, and 2) provide a basis for guidance to diverse stakeholders responsible for making, regulating, preserving, managing and using archaeological knowledge including field archaeologists, museum professionals, heritage administrators, researchers, policymakers, cultural industry and the public.

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