COST Action CA16226

Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly

Funded: COST Program (COST Action CA16226)

Time frame: 24th October 2017 - 23rd December 2021

Joined: 16th August 2017 as the Management Committee (MC) Substitute for the United Kingdom


By 2050, the number of people in the EU aged 65 and above is expected to grow by 70% and the number of people aged over 80, by 170%, which will increase demand and costs for healthcare. Integrating ICT solutions into habitats, along with improved building design, will allow us to live at home and stay active and productive for longer despite cognitive or physical impediments.

Improving accessibility, functionality, and safety at home, at work and in society in general requires combining many disciplines together to develop solutions that integrate ICT, ergonomics, healthcare (psychological and physical), building and community design.

The furniture sector plays an incredibly important role. Not only is it a critical part of the European economy, it also can significantly improve the accessibility of the built environment for the elderly by integrating ICT solutions, ergonomic design, and taking into account the health needs of the elderly more completely.

The present COST action will be a science and technology network where relevant actors from academic, research and industry sectors will utilise networking tools and activities to address the ageing population challenges facing Europe, helping to reduce redundancy in RDI efforts, ensure solutions are developed with a broader set of expertise, and help refine the efforts of diverse group of researchers.

SHELD-ON aims to foster knowledge exchange and the development of a joint research agenda in terms of design and development of multifunctional indoor environments to meet the requirements of Europe's ageing population while promoting healthy and safe ageing.

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