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COST-IC1005 "HDRi"

The digital capture, storage, transmission and display of real-world lighting

Funded: ICT Theme of the COST Program (ICT COST Action IC1005)

Domain: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Time frame: 2nd December 2010 - 1st December 2014

Joined: 1st February 2012 as the Management Committee (MC) Substitute for the United Kingdom


The natural world presents our eyes with a wide range of colours and intensities from moonlight to bright sunshine. We can see detail in regions that vary significantly in luminance. Current imaging techniques are incapable of accurately capturing or displaying such a range of lighting. Some areas under-exposed and others over-exposed. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging can capture, store, transmit and deliver real-world lighting. This gives a step change in viewing experience, for example the ability to clearly see the football when it is kicked from the shadow of the stadium into sunshine.

Widespread uptake of HDR requires common interface standards. Currently they do not exist. There are isolated pockets of high-quality HDR endeavour across Europe, but not a co-ordinated approach. 2009 saw the appearance the first commercial HDR display and the world’s first HDR video camera. These European-led developments reinforce the timeliness of developing HDR standards and the special position Europe is in to lead the rapid acceleration of future HDR developments and market penetration. This COST Action (HDRi) assembles leading academic and industrial researchers and practitioners to propose a set of standards for the complete HDR pipeline and establish Europe firmly as the world leader in HDR.

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