Autonomous Operation of Swarms of UAV/UAS

Ongoing development:

  • Swarm missions definition and role assignment to cooperating drones:
    • Manual designation of areas and points of interest (POI) to survey
    • Allocation of fleets of drones (type/model, capabilities, flight time etc.)
    • Algorithm allocates itineraries for each drone as a Routing Definition File (RDF)
  • RDF loading into UgCS Ground Control software
  • Arming and launching fleet(s) of drones to perform defined mission(s)
  • Mission(s) can be aborted, modified and intervened (new one uploaded) at any time
  • Routes and actions assigned to each drones can be manually overridden at any time
  • Drones are in constant contact with Ground Station (compliant with FAA rules)
  • Simultaneous operations of 100+ (synchronized/independent) UAVs in multiple missions 


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